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Combined rank #136 (1175 points) 144 + 67 + 69 + 75 + 29 + 45 + 58 + 43 + 104 + 106 + 43 + 53 + 14 + 67 + 75 + 8 + 29 + 45 + 58 + 43 +
Nr Time ago Dps Class
1. 14621
2. 27114
3. 22376
4. New PB! 26833
5. New PB! 27173
6. 10845
7. New PB! 24038
8. New PB! 14898
9. 11191
10. New PB! 24246
11. New PB! 439
12. New PB! 14723
13. New PB! 12273
14. 3093
15. New PB! 9448
16. New PB! 18448
17. New PB! 8493
18. New PB! 8141
19. New PB! 21091
20. New PB! 8976
21. New PB! 4151
22. New PB! 2439

The Unofficial OrbusVR global leaderboards

Sooo what is this? This is the global unofficial leaderboard for the game OrbusVR. Here the highest dps is shown of everyone who used the "Challenge" feature of dps parser Cindy. On this page you can find more in-depth info about it.


What is Cindy?
Cindy is the dps measuring program for the game OrbusVR. It is made by the community member Scott.

So what do I need to do to get on the leaderboard?
If you play OrbusVR on a PC, what you can do is: You download the program Cindy. From there you go to the "Challenge" view. Then you have to fight the dummy in the player house for a long time. And if everything went well, then your score gets submitted to the leaderboards automomatically.

I play on a Quest (or Quest 2), can I also be part of the leaderboards?
No/Yes. If you play on a Quest, OrbusVR does not support combat parsing. Which means there is no way of telling what your dps is when your alone in the Player House. If you connect your Quest to an PC with the Link Cable/Airlink, then you can just like any normal PC user parse your dps and get a score on the global leaderboard.

How long do I have to fight the dummy?
You have to fight it for about about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You will hear a confirm sound when your done.

Can i restart the Challenge if I mess up mid fight?
Yes you can. As long as the score has not been submitted yet, you can stop fighting the dummy. After waiting about 10 seconds you can restart.

How does the all classes combined leaderboard ranking work?
It adds your rank on all 8 classes together to give you a combined rank. A lower score is better. If you have not submit a score at all for a class, this this will give you the lowest possible rank on that class. For a really simple example. Lets say someone is rank number one on 6 classes. And number two on 2 classes. 1+1+1+1+1+1+2+2=10. Your combined rank will be 10.

The dps parser Cindy has its own discord. In there you can keep track of when you need to download a new version of Cindy. You can also report bugs in there and download the program from there.

Link to Discord server of Cindy

If you prefer to download it directly, below you can download the latest version of Cindy (Reminder: Orbus only allows PC users to parse their dps):

Download link Cindy